About us

Over a period of 30 years, the taxi industry in London Ontario has been dominated by two taxi companies. In October 2009 that period of domination was brought to an end with the establishment of Yellow London Taxi Inc.
In response to the accumulating concerns of London's Cab drivers and an expressed desire from cab users to see innovation in the industry, a company respectful of drivers, sensitive and responsible to customer satisfaction.

 Innovation through Technology:

 Yellow London Taxi was the first company in London to introduce payment via debit in it's cabs in order to increase payment options for its customers. We now accept Visa, Master Card and Debit. A further innovative first was achieved with the introduction of head-mounted digital video advertising terminals in our cabs allowing local business' within the community to reach out directly to our diverse customer base.
We are equipped with a full GPS dispatching system, radio communications system and in cab security cameras that enhances security for both our customers and drivers.

Company Structure:

 The company itself is owned and operated by 50 shareholders made up of a combination of drivers and plate owners.
The management consists of a President, a Vice President and 5 democratically elected members that form the Board of Directors.
The company is committed to conducting annual elections in order to populate management positions and ensure accountability. In addition, we maintain an open door policy between elections so that shareholders and all other associates can remain in touch and informed about developments occurring in their company.

Business Culture:

Yellow London Taxi Inc is not a traditional taxi company. It is a long over due sweet dream of all taxi drivers that has become a reality and dream come true, made up of a group of courageous, determined, and committed pioneers who have over come enormous challenges.
Since the beginning Yellow London Taxi Inc. has encouraged successfully the growth of a mutually respectful environment where the needs of drivers, owners and administrative staff are recognized and met. Encouraging a sense of dignity and pride expressed through the work we do each day, which we believe leads to happier drivers and happier staff which in turn has a direct positive affect on levels of customer satisfaction.
We believe we have the cleanest cabs, most courteous drivers and most loyal customers in the City of London.
Thank you for your support, thank you for your interest and trust in Yellow London Taxi Inc.